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Difference between Mac Email App and Outlook?

office.com/setup – There are a lot of email client applications available in the app store in your Mac, and some are even so customizable that you get that open source feel about it.

The best thing about Apple computers is the premiums of it and classic way of making things look good and beautiful. There is an app with every mac os, The email App. The icon that has been becoming better but has been traveling with a trademark since than. Unlike other mail application this application that comes in Mac OS, has a completely different take on email applications. Starting from the Icon. The Icon in other applications usually resembles an envelope, but here we are talking apple and it can never be the same, they always have to do something different from others. The same thing is with the email app too. Apple has given the mail app a completely different icon. The icon is literally a post stamp, which simply implies that you are sending a post to someone through a post box. This gives it such a cool retro feel yet being the latest thing.

Once you open the mail app, You will find the minimalistic layout, really the most minimalistic layout among all the other competitors yet the easiest to use and the quickest one. Apple has been trying to improve it from the beginning and is really the coolest apple application that can be used since day one of using an Apple computer. The best thing about having a mac email operation is that it is easy and fast and that’s all that we want. There is no other special function about the email app in mac.

On the other hand, the Outlook application from Microsoft is a completely different take from whatever we have been looking in other mail apps. The Outlook app takes a completely different dig at getting your emails delivered to you and vice versa. Outlook tends to add new features to the UI with a completely revamped design, every time you log in to Outlook, you get a feeling of opening a Microsoft Office app, Because it is, a Microsoft Office application. With that being it, Microsoft is supposed to be on top of Productivity charts, so they need to show up to the world and prove, how email apps can also be revolutionary. Not just that but the Outlook has many powerful features that actually make it a game-changer but the thing about having a simple app is way better than having a tacky big application.

Outlook has a lot of features that integrate with windows or with a lot of other things and is really a good email client, Outlook in itself is even a mail service which is provided free to the customers. Though this is all about Microsoft and one never knows when and where they will hit next.

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